Mailroom Software Solutions


We offer highly sophisticated and customizable mailroom software solutions from BÖWE SYSTEC as follows:

BÖWE Orbiter

In this “Age of Smartphones” we have become used to easily operable and clearly layed out apps. For exactly that reason BÖWE SYSTEC has conceived a solution making the advantages of modern software available in an industrial environment – Orbiter. To an unprecedented degree Orbiter makes all individual programs (apps) easily accessible which are involved in the workflow of the complete mailroom.

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BÖWE One offers a multitude of apps with central, cross-system functions from four basic modules. Output Management reliably prepares ready-for-print data streams, Production Management monitors the complete production process, Item Management ensures continuous item tracking and Order Management takes care of clear job management. BÖWE One supplies the answer to all requirements of an Automated Document Factory (ADF). BÖWE One delivers exact real-time data, database controlled production and guarantees highest quality and integrity. The optimal planning of the workflow additionally enables the ideal resource utilization and maximum productivity.

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