Mail Inserters


Basically mail inserters are machines which process printed material e.g. statements, notices, invoices, fliers, etc. after they are printed by scanning the printed paper, assembling them (if a recipient is to receive multiple sheets) folding them into envelope format (i.e. in DL or C5 or C4) adding enclosures and inserting the entire package into the main envelope after which the envelope is sealed automatically.


Our range of inserters cater for the low volume mail producers to the very high volume users e.g. the banks, telcos, and government department as follows:


Table-Top Inserters

Table-Top Inserters cater for low volume usage with processing speeds of up to 4,000 insertions per hour.

High-End Inserters

High-end Inserters (up to 26,000 insertions/hour) extensively used by well-established services bureaus (BPOs) financial houses and government departments. The machines are capable of 24x7 operation 365 days a year.

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